Samuel, QHSE Manager, joined the company in October 2014

“My position offers a broad latitude of action covering diving, marine, hoses, R.O.V operations, Harbour Works and safety equipment servicing. This diversity make my position very interesting, bringing variety, personal and professional enrichment. In addition the 5 weeks on / 5 weeks off work cycle allows to be fully dedicated on professional issues during 35 days and then to rely on his back to back to entirely enjoy family life and hobbies for 35 days. It offers an excellent work and family life balance.

Stoltd Partner is a company on a human scale in which it is very easy to communicate and liaise with the right person. Being at the heart of SANEVAC or MEDEVAC processes I know that Stoltd Partner’s health cover package including assistance and repatriation scheme is very competitive and is a real plus on which employees and their family can rely on in case of emergency. In such situation Stoltd Partner’s scheme is really efficient.

Enjoying diversity of contacts and travelling I know that Stoltd Partner offers internal and geographical opportunities. I hope being part to new challenges working on a new position and/or in new countries in the years to come.”