Paul, Hoses Manager, joined the company in July 2016

“I first got in touch with Stoltd Partner Hoses experts when I was working on the BP project in Angola Block 18 Greater Plutonio FPSO and CALM Buoy. On BP request I was sent to Soyo to supervise the build of the first BP export hose for Greater Plutonio Calm Buoy. Since then I was still working along with Stoltd Partner Hoses experts until I joined the company mid-2016. I always looked at Stoltd Partner as a company I would like to work for and since I am part of it I can confirm it is a very enthusiastic company to work for and is composed with great people that are very supportive and helpful.

As Hoses Manager I am responsible for all the personnel and equipment in the Soyo hoses yard.

I am supervising a team to build export hose lines for our clients in the Angolan oil fields, to repair hoses and testing them according to the OCIMF standards. Keeping the equipment in a good and safe working manner is also one of my core duties.

My responsibilities of my fellow workers and of our clients is safety first as a safe team is a happy team.

Through my position I get to work with a lot of different people from all over the world.

In addition what is very exciting for me is also to help with the supervising of our diving team in Soyo, so my duties are very versatile and there are always new challenges.

The market that we operate in is a very competitive one. Consequently there is a lot of pressure to be the best you can for the clients and the company. I’m always looking for better solutions to achieve the goals of the company and my personnel goals.

In the future I see myself keeping this position of Hoses Manager getting certified by all the export hose companies.”