Laurent, Dive Technician, joined the company in September 2014

“Since starting work at Stoltd Partner, the regular equal-time rotations together with effective communication between all the different team players, both internal and external, have given me the opportunity to galvanize and reinforce my skills and to work autonomously in the execution of my role.

The company’s culture and internal processes definitely help me to perform my daily duties meticulously and to consistently deliver the highest of standards in the maintenance of our diving equipment.

The diversity of my role gives me great job satisfaction. I’m able to follow through on each decision I make and participate fully in their implementation in the field. Furthermore, collaboration with technical experts facilitates consultation, improvements and ultimately the advancement of our systems.

I hope to be able to participate in major projects in the future. Training and obtaining further qualifications are my focus as well as auditing. So far I have been working in Africa for some years now, in the future I would like to pursue my career with Stoltd Partner either in Africa or in Middle East / Asia.”