Eric, Diving Superintendent, joined the company in December 2011

“There are several aspects that make my position very interesting such as managing a team, monitoring the work progress, the need for reactivity with customers about non-routine work, full use of means made available to us, autonomy.

Teamwork is important and it’s my main priority, not only among my offshore team but especially together with the onshore support teams. It is very important to have a support that you can rely on and that has already had the experience of different offshore positions.

Being part of Stoltd Partner brings the possibility to work with a coherent team going in the same direction.

The company has evolved enormously over the last 5 years, with the creation of various positions that are very important in supporting offshore teams e.g. : there is a very good QHSE support.

Staying at STOLD is a priority, I can see myself either still working offshore worldwide or onshore depending on the company’s opportunities.”