Anthony, Diving Supervisor, joined the company in July 2011

“I started with Stoltd Partner as a young diver eager to learn from my co-workers. As I learn and the years went by I knew it was time to become a Diving Supervisor. Stoltd Partner supported me to get my Supervisor ticket and had the confidence in me to promote me to the position.

There is a lot of Stoltd Partner staff I have known for a very long time and it always makes it easier to communicate about work and life. Knowing people for so long gives me a sense of being part of a family.

What I love about my job is everyday is never the same, life at sea is filled with challenges and problems to solve.

Stoltd Partner has always provided the tools and equipment necessary to execute a job efficiently and safely. Allowing our personnel to go home to their families in one piece.

SOLTD is a professional company that I am very proud to work for. Yes I am very happy to work for Stoltd Partner and I do see my self still working for this company at least in the mid-future. If other positions are made available in other countries/continent I would be willing to move through internal promotion as it happened in the last few years. Change is good.