Andrea, Marine Operations Superintendent, joined the company in July 2011

Working as a Marine Operations Superintendent (MOS) has many advantages, not only because of diversity of tasks on daily basis but also the fact to be permanently involved in different trade activities gives you opportunity to gain new knowledge and experience.

Working on FPSO in offshore industry is completely different than working within shipping. Not only due to diversity of tasks but also because it is a completely different approach. Among other the level of safety (HSE), PTW (Permit to Work) system is way ahead than where I used to work.

Involvement in safety (HSE) is a crucial part of our position (reporting / investigation of safety events and anomalies and also training of personnel).

As a MOS there is a high level of responsibility, not only being responsible for all Marine activities on the FPSO and field / our Marine team on board, but also being exemplary every day to the team to always stick to the rules and safe way of working.

I was lucky to get opportunity to start a new project (FPSO CLOV) and was involved in hook-up / commissioning / start-up / 1st oil which were big but successful challenges.

Management position has also given me different way of approach to the people that I work and communicate with every day.

As every new project, it took time until everything has settled down.

Through all the time since I have started working for Stoltd Partner I was fully supported from company side. With always open discussion with our contract managers I was well supported on all requested points.

Especially I would like to thank HR team who is always providing great support for mobilization / visa issues / certificates and training.

In few years I see myself working onshore within my trade either as Marine Superintendent or Contract Manager which are opportunities which could be offered via Stoltd Partner.”