“I would like to thank HR team who is always providing great support for mobilization, visa issues, certificates and training” read more

AndreaMarine Operations Superintendent

“I’m always looking for better solutions to achieve the goals of the company and my personnel goals.” read more

PaulHoses Manager

“Everyday is never the same. Life at sea is filled with challenges and problems to solve.” read more

AnthonyDiving Supervisor

“Being part of Stoltd Partner brings the possibility to work with a coherent team going in the same direction.” read more

EricDiving Superintendent

“Stoltd Partner allowed me to make an interesting career development and to support me in my projects.” read more


“My position offers a broad latitude of action, bringing variety, personal and professional enrichment.” read more

SamuelQHSE Manager

“Stoltd Partner gave me the opportunity to galvanise and reinforce my skills and to work autonomously” read more

LaurentDive technician